"Yellow-Turban still got the remaining confederates. Let's eliminate all!"

Requirements: none

Character added to your array:

Liu Bei
Level 2, Power: 144
HP: 86
Attack: 9
Skill: Lv1 Blade Dance, Lv1 Stun

Enemy's ArraysEdit


Archer x 1 (blue)

Level 2, Power 61
HP: 31
Attack: 5
Skill: Lv1 Slashing Shoot

Sage x 1: Zhang (blue)

Level 2, Power 49
HP: 27
Attack: 3
Skill: Lv 1 Lightning Nove, Lv1 Hypnosis


Warrior x 1 (blue)

Level 1, Power: 70
HP: 37
Attack: 6
Skill: Lv1 Bash

Sage x 1: Zhang (purple)

Level 2, Power: 67
HP: 32
Attack: 5
Skill: Lv1 Lightning Nove, Lv1 Hypnosis


Archer x 1: Sun (blue)

Level 2, Power: 70
HP: 37
Attack: 5
Skill: Lv1 Wild Shoot, Lv1 Enlace

Sage x 1: Han (blue)

Level 2, Power: 74
HP: 32
Attack: 6
Skill: Lv1 Lighning Nove, Lv1 Hypnosis

Warrior x 1: Zhao (blue)

Level 2, Power: 82
HP: 45
Attack: 6 
Skill:  Lv1 Blade Dance, Lv1 Stun


None. You're in autocombat in Warlords.

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