List of Campaigns as follows....



  1. Lord of Chaos
  2. Yellow-Turban
  3. Battle Against Dong Zhuo
  4. Beauty's Scheme
  5. Dong Zhuo's Doom
  6. Battle of Xuzhou
  7. Battle of Jieqiao
  8. Battle of Yijing
  9. BOSS: Warlords

War of GuanduEdit


  1. Set Free the Tiger
  2. Yuan Shu's Doom
  3. Night Raid
  4. War of Guandu I
  5. War of Guandu II
  6. Lone Wolf
  7. Crisis of Jiingzhou
  8. Sleeping Dragon
  9. Wild Fire Burns Xinye
  10. Battle of Long Slope
  11. BOSS: War of Guandu

War of Red CliffEdit


  1. Disputes with Scholars
  2. War of Red Cliff I
  3. War of Red Cliff II
  4. Huarong Trail
  5. Take Jingzhou with Tactics
  6. Nine Counties of Jingzhou
  7. Zhou Yu's Tragedy
  8. Takeover Western Liang
  9. Sieze West River Land I
  10. Sieze West River Land II
  11. BOSS: War of Red Cliff

The Three KingdomsEdit


  1. Battle of Hanba I
  2. Battle of Hefei
  3. Battle of Hanba II
  4. Recapture Jingzhou
  5. Battle of Yiling
  6. Seven Catches
  7. Six Expiditions
  8. Three Rebellions in Shouchun
  9. The Crucial Campaigns
  10. Elimination of Shu
  11. BOSS The Three Kingdoms

Brave HeartEdit


  1. Apprentice of Tong Yuan
  2. Battle of Panghe River
  3. Zhou Yun's Aid
  4. World Famous
  5. Tactic of Sieging Guiyang
  6. Block the River
  7. Rescue Yangping Pass
  8. Retire with Merit
  9. BOSS: Brave Heart

Ambitious OverlordEdit


  1. Cut a Figure
  2. Expedition against Dong Zhuo
  3. Hold Yanzhou Province
  4. Settle of Xuzhou Province
  5. Campaign of Guandu
  6. Expedition of Wuhuan
  7. Battle of Red Cliff
  8. Mid-Han Province
  9. Repel Guan Yu
  10. BOSS Ambitious Overlord

War MasterEdit


  1. Peach Garden Sworn Brothers
  2. Battle of Hulao Pass

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